profundity abounds

Last night, at the bar, Joe:
"Do you want to know why I like Carmen Electra? I'll tell you why right now."

(pauses for effect and to raise a finger in a very didactic pose)

"She did Taco Bell commercials. THAT's why. She knows what a campy celebrity she is and she just GOES with it."
I suppose you could say that an arched-back pose with lace-up jean-shorts hotpants is kind of awesomely campy. Especially if Joe is right and she KNOWS how hilarious this is. I got to play Bianca in Taming of the Shrew twice. Bianca is - okay, CAN BE PLAYED AS - a total hot twit [who turns into a mouthy drunk at her own wedding]. I don't get cast in those parts very often, but when I was playing Bianca, I struck a lot of these poses:

She must have had a spit bag the size of Idaho when she did those Bell commercials.

...Furthermore, after some research that really PROVES how I have too much free time, she does Taco Bell commercials with a freaking WIND MACHINE on her the entire time.

More and more I'm learning about embracing who you are and not apologizing for it.

Especially when that includes lace-up jean-shorts hot pants.

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