Schmoozefest II

Although the last one gave me actual nightmares, it felt important to go to this week's Industry Type Holiday Party, which promised to be more mellow.

Unfortunately it also promised to involve traveling around in this.

instead of staying home with this.

Tonight was a kind of an Agent Appreciation night.

I'm lucky to have some pretty stellar agents. They are smart and tough. Sometimes I wish they were less tough, because they can be a little spiky sometimes, and I'm sensitive. But after all, if you're going to pay somebody to go out there and be the bad guy and stick up for you, don't you want a pretty tough bad guy?

All in all, they look out for me. And I absolutely owe them an enormous slice of whatever success I can claim in this field.

A lot of people didn't show tonight. It is really nasty out.

(Visual reminder)

I knew I'd be glad I went.
And I'm glad I went.

I think I might be getting better about not trying to make a joke every 5 seconds when I'm nervous.
Which also makes me a lot less obnoxious. And makes me sleep better.

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nora said...

IS that a skeleton with a Fez by your beautiful tree?
I sure do hope so!