These Past 24 Hours

red-eye from Portland, OR to Newark, NJ,
bus ride from TERMINAL C to TERMINAL A
Plane ride from Newark, NJ to Chicago, ORD
Blue line ride from O'Hare to Grand
Bus ride from Grand to Navy Pier
8 hours of rehearsal which I swear was supposed to be only 6
cab ride from Navy Pier to Andersonville
performance to sold-out house
cab ride from Andersonville to home
home, cat, beer, checks arrived in the mail for me.

the coherent (maybe?) thoughts:

1. Doing tonight's show seemed like an errand I had to run on my way home. Something to take care of that I'd be able to finish up by 9:30

2. Good cab drivers come in waves.

3. Tonight, stuck in Lake Shore Drive traffic as I sweated bullets (and was 45 minutes late for my call), "Sign My Name" by Terrence0 Trent D'Arby came on the radio. My middle-aged Greek cab driver turned it up, shyly. We sat in traffic, singing along quietly and tunelessly together.

4. "Sign My Name" is overplayed as much as the rest of them, but it's really not a bad song.

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