It's rare and wonderful that my director's sense of humor and my sense of humor match up so beautifully.

When she gave another actor this bit of direction in a scene where he is particularly disgusted, I thought it was worth writing down.
These things make for quality theater.

(in case you can't read my scribbling, it says: 'I would basically have the desire to vomit and speak at the same time.')


akbw said...

Hi Lacy. I was hopping around Facebook after rehearsal and found your blog. Now it's 1am and Eloise gets up in five hours. See what you've done?

Much love to you and Brandon.

P.S. I felt that wonderful rush that gossip brings and also guilty to read some of your "day job" posts. Hope it wasn't too terrible.

akbw said...

this is amanda, by the way.

Lacy said...

oh AKBW. I knew it was you. It's wonderful to hear from you, and I hope today wasn't too painfully exhausting. One day I'll even get to meet your little girl! I'm so sad to hear y'all are moving, btw.

I apologize for any bitching about DayJobCorp, and I hope (I should go back and reread, she says, nervously) none of it read as tacky or mean-spirited. I am very often guilty of exaggerating for comedic effect, which gets me in trouble. I was and am still grateful for the job and the experience. If anything it was very good for me to learn how much that world is not for me, and how much I value not having to live in it!