Exceeds expectations

A year ago I wasn't even REMOTELY sold on Obama. Like a lot of people, any enthusiasm I started to feel was mitigated -that is to say, coldcocked in the face then slammed into ice water by my certainty -absolute CERTAINTY- that the United States of America was just not ready to elect a black president.

Given the bigotry and idiocy that we have proved ourselves capable of, as a nation and as a species, it seemed NAIVE to support this guy.


I was wrong.
I shouldn't have doubted us.

My cousin's status update says: is thinking that it will never again be as good as it is at this very moment.

He's probably right. This moment is all potential and possibility. Tomorrow is dealing with Gaza and the Mexican drug wars and oh yeah, the economy. Tomorrow is guaranteed struggle and setbacks.

But then again, maybe we'll surprise ourselves and we'll be even more amazing than we thought.

It's happened before.

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