it's better if we don't talk.

We had an 'open rehearsal' today.

If you're a teacher at a school that is paying to see our play, you can come watch us rehearse and observe us in the middle of our 'process,' or, self-consciously flounder in a terrified manner as we desperately try to pretend we don't have an audience, which we are in NO. WAY. ready for.

On a break, guy on his cell phone followed me up the stairs.

Guy: Hey. Hey. Good job today.

Me: Oh, thank you so much. (DUDE, I have no clue what I'm doing in the play right now.)

Guy: Hey, you've been in other plays here, right?

Me: I have, yeah.

Guy: Uh huh! Were you in - what were you in?

Me: (name of obscure play I was in 2 years ago)


Guy: Uh. Were you in Romeo and Juliet?

Me: No, I wasn't in that one. (not even asked to audition)

Guy: Then you were in Taming of the Shrew. Were you in that one?

Me: No. I wasn't in that either. (asked to understudy, couldn't do it)

Guy: Well how about Othello? Were you in Othello?

Me: NO. (again, not even asked to audition)


(guy has clearly run out of plays to ask me if I was in.)

Me: Okay, well, thanks.

Guy: Yeah.

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