look better by covering up 1/3 of your face

Oh Target sunglasses. How I love you.

How else can you go from looking fussy and worried and vaguely remorseful about not going to the gym tonight, again,

to looking like a multilingual expert at money laundering and arms trading who is SO DEFINITELY wearing matching underwear?

(multilingual money launderer and arms trader who hangs out in a messy office with a trombone case and ikea desk in the background)

I booked a voiceover today, thank goodness.
Between my show and running props for another show on my day off, I'm just barely making enough to pay bills. If -if if if- they keep the spot and use it for what they say they're going to use it for, this afternoon's half hour of work should bring in two to three months' rent. In general, I don't count the money until I get the check in my hands, but today I splurged a little.

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