In addition to rehearsing my own show, I'm also subbing occasionally for my friend who runs props for ... COUGH ... a wealthily produced farce that just opened.

Blog: Pardon me. Is that the farce you auditioned for a few months ago?

Me: yes.

Blog: The one that you BOMBED the audition for?

Me: yes.

Blog: Where they cut you off MID-SCENE because you were eating it so badl---

Me: YES.


Blog: I heard thatt's getting GREAT reviews. From EVERYONE.

One of the actresses was the lead in a TV show I loved in high school. I haven't said anything to her. I have less and less confidence in my character lately.

This fortune is on the fridge in the green room at the theater where this farce is routinely delighting sold out crowds, where I wash and set various cocktail glasses and sexy aprons. I can't decide if I agree with it or not, but for now I'm following its advice.

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taipalmgren said...

Is it Lark Voorhies?