my year in pictures

In January, I got to be [a very small] part of one of my favorite pieces of theater ever ever

I tried to have a part time day job but discovered I hated it and thought it was a total waste of time

I did a neat play, survived my first good and bad reviews without really caring that much, but most of all met some wonderful new friends

Then there was this

which led to this

and then we went here

and then when I came back I had a job doing this

then got totally obsessed with this whole thing and got to be there when it all happened

finished it out with some lovely holidays with my new family

and now have a wonderful job wearing this.

On all fronts, a successful year.

Of course, these are events, not people.
If I tried to fill this with all the people who have made my year I'd crash blogger. But be assured, I'm so, so grateful for you, o beloved reader, including whoever randomly read the blog in Ohio for hours at a time (who on earth IS that?), the people in Canada and whoever must work at that OfficeMax in Oswego. Thanks.

I've had a wonderful year and I'm so grateful. Happy, happiest of happy 2009s to you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a great year! Looks like a lot of fun.