My college roommate Hilary promised to mail me a "sock critter" she'd made a few days ago. She's one of the most talented visual artists I've ever known so I knew I was in for something neato. I got a text from her this afternoon asking if it had arrived yet. It hadn't.
Hilary: He may have just frozen to death on the way.

Me: I'm going to open a package and find the cold pale lifeless body of a frozen sock critter.
Instead, when I got home, I found this:

aaaaand the tight shot:

c'est adorable.

And I was real, real impressed by this:

well looky looky, miss independent book store manager, gallery art showin artist type, and now entrepreneur.
My amazing friends keep me on my toes and constantly amazed.

**My sock critter needs a name. Any ideas? I'm thinking of Mr. Dandy, but he looks like a reluctant fop. Maybe something more bookish.


Rachel Wilson said...

Mr. Darcy?

Lacy said...

I like it, especially if I could be his insane first wife.