quality vs quantity

I think the point of a blog -for me, anyway- IS quantity over quality, with a general faith that quality will eventually bob to the surface. Emphasizing quantity also helps me keep from judging myself into paralysis.

I also try to keep the entries short as a means of damage control. Ten or less poorly-written, boring sentences are easier to forgive, as a reader, than an entire screen full of poorly-written, boring paragraphs.

Occasionally I wonder if I shouldn't labor over these entries a little more, though. When you have so few words, it shouldn't be that hard to make them completely excellent. Bloggers I admire seem to make every sentence pack a huge punch.

For examples. From Dooce and James Lileks, respectively:
Several weeks ago we were wiling away an early Sunday evening in the living room, the two of us watching the national news while Leta pretended that her Sleeping Beauty Barbie was dead.
There’s nothing as surreal as cigarette ads. I don’t even know where to begin with this, except to note that 9 out of 10 doctors recommend that you light your cigarette before you start waterskiing, just as you should stir your drink before heading up Mount Everest.
I'm not a fan of new-year's resolutions; I think they should be an ongoing thing no matter where they fall in the year. So I January 17 resolve to craft me some better sentences.

Starting tomorrow.

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