warmth from the Incan sun god

With tomorrow's forecast of windchills between -20 and -30, I've been trying to think of THE WARMEST things I can layer on my body to and from work tomorrow.

I decided that one of them is probably this 100% wool Inti Raymi mask/headdress thing I bought in Ecuador this summer.

Seriously, would it weird you out to take the train with someone wearing one of these? Get back to me on it.

Iiiiiiiiii... I'm actually kind of thinking about it.

It's double-faced, by the way. So there's the same face in the back of my head. Doubly awesome.


Alex said...

Best. Photo. Ever.

If you don't at least bring this I will be sorely disappointed.


Jason said...

You missed out on a good opportunity to wear it on the CTA No Pants Day.

Between that mask and the people around you being pantless, they would have to be scared something-other-less.

Lizzy said...

Love love love it. I think you'd make it on a local fashion rag...on the street fashion type-thing, you trendsetter you.