You should know something about me.
I am a cheap-ass mofo.

You should know something else about me.
Last year it somehow escaped the notice of People's Gas that they were heating my entire apartment AND CHARGING ME $17.60 A MONTH. And no more.

This has since changed, and believe me, life has gotten a whole lot pricier. Like, ten times pricier ---well, actually, ironically, exactly ten times pricier.

Ergo, the following two photos.

My hallway usually:

My hallway now:

You say hideous decorating choice, I say cutting down on heating an unused chunk of my apartment.

I'm on the search for a lovelier piece of fabric to hang in front of the blanket... and probably something a little nicer than binder clips.

One reason I supported/support Obama so strongly was his honest emphasis on the importance of individual accountability. I guess that's a Republican touch of salt to an otherwise Liberal Democrat souffle. Anyway, I was like, F yeah, and it's about time we realized that in order to actually get anything done, everyone's gotta do something. Even if it is just to lower the damn gas bill.

***update: It's been a couple of days, and it seems like we can now comfortably keep the apartment set to about 5 degrees lower on the thermostat. Huzzah!!!

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nora said...

I love the personal responsibility part! Wheee.
And I binder clipped a blanket to my front door for a few days also.