29: old.

When I understudied the role I'm playing now, many years ago, the actress I was understudying was 30ish. She was the oldest of the four main characters. She didn't seem OLD to me, just established, settled, a little more mellow.

Now I'm the actress. In that role. Pushing 30. (about to push right into pretty soon) and oldest of the four main characters. Older than my love interest by about 7 years.

Two of the girls on the education team said they were talking about me, and I TOTALLY didn't seem 29. Didn't seem that old.


Tiny wrinkles.


Strands of silver.
(though NOT actually balding, as the flash suggests. THANKS FLASH.)

I skipped kindergarten, I had a late birthday, I've always been the youngest in my grade and my groups of friends. Being the oldest is a weird adjustment. Mostly I wonder if I come across as that other actress came across to me: established, settled, a little more mellow.

Even if I TOTALLY don't seem THAT OLD.


matt said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm 31 and I forget all the time. Forget that I'm 31, that is. For a while, I was rounding up by accident, now it's the other way around. And I have plenty of grays. More every month, it seems. I like to think they make me seem wiser, but that's probably not the case...

Jeremy said...

I jumped neatly from 'the office kid' to 'Old Man Hornik' in one job change. That's all it took. Now I've been here seven years and I'm definitely one of the alte kockers. Historical. Ancient. And I'm a year away from 40. Man. I gotta get out of software development.

Lacy said...

Jeremy, you hit the nail on the head. I feel like Office Kid no more ... which also means relinquishing any claims to Kid Wonder. Not that I ever really had any. But there goes my chance.

UNTIL THE NURSING HOME. Then look out, bitches.

Corrbette said...

I'm very very late on this, but I wanted to add. I also skipped kindergarten! I have always been the youngest in my class and among my coworkers, both in and out of theater.

That's no longer true. And while some are kind enough to tell me I don't look "that old," I did have a good friend accidentally spill the truth one day. When I told her my age, she actually said, "That's IT?"

I guess I'm just that...um...mellow.

So the disbelief may not fade, but everyone younger than you will have these moment of disbelief, too. If they're lucky.

So that's...something.