jealousy and and antijealousy

I talked to a friend. A colleague. We work in the same field.
Neither of us makes much money.
She mentioned her condo in a very, very expensive part of town.

Yeah, she said, I bought it. Well, my dad and I bought it.

Her dad bought her a condo.
I know this isn't uncommon, in fact, I know a few other people who have had parental aid in buying a place. I don't know why this one kicked me square in the lady-balls.

Maybe because she also threw out that her dad fixes everything that goes wrong and I'm going on my third week SLEEPING IN THE LIVING ROOM after pipes burst in the ceiling.
Maybe just because it's her dad and my dad skipped out.
Maybe because I'm a little older now and the closer you get to 30, the more I will judge you for taking large sums of money from your parents.
Maybe because I still resent paying for my wedding and not even getting a wedding present from my mom.
Maybe because I still resent paying for college.

I asked Brandon what he thought about people who got so much money from their parents, even as adults.
He shrugged and said he didn't take them as seriously.

This was nice to hear, and it reminded me of my own pride in being so independent and in knowing that I and I alone am responsible for where I am and what I have. But part of me is still SOOOOOO FREAKING JEALOUS. I'm really having a hard time letting this go.

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