Sudden fame, the wheel of fortune and INXS: harsh mistresses.

INXS Singer Fired, Back to Living In His Car

(Feb. 19) - Four years after scoring the job of frontman for Aussie rockers INXS, J.D. Fortune is broke, homeless and back to living in his car -- just as he was doing before winning the gig on the reality TV series 'Rock Star: INXS.'
I mean.

In a way, it's sort of COMFORTING to know that it was probably the coke that got him fired.

But MY job that makes ME feel like a rock star is ending before too long, and no amount of laying off the blow dedication and hard work can keep that from happening.

And I'll be one more unemployed person with a ridiculously specific and pretty much COMPLETELY USELESS skill set.

Hopefully not living in my car.

I really don't want to live in my car.

Or temp.


Alex said...

Ugh. Thanks for that one. Ugh.

laura or kate said...

the fact that you know how to make strike-through text show up in your blog means that you have at least one more "skill" in your "set" that me.

(that is called strike-through, right? actors are so dense!)

td said...

I'll admit to a little schadenfreude here cause I had a big man crush on that Marty Casey guy from Chicago during that show and have yet to get over his second place finish.

That's how shallow I turned out to be