As they all do, this internet quiz summed me up with pinpoint accuracy by asking me if I like to eat
a) bread
b) apples
c) hot dogs
d) clam chowder
There was no 'all of the above' option. So I picked hot dogs, because they're delicious, and said I hated being around noise and that I like to take a nap in a hammock, which apparently means I SHOULD BE LIVING IN:

The country
You are tired of living in a crowded place where there's too much concrete and not enough green. You want to live out in the country, preferably somewhere with a barn, a river and lots of wide open spaces where you can unwind and enjoy the quiet. Also there are hot dogs, hammocks and no noise, clam chowder, or any of those pesky apples! AND LIP GLOSS IS ALWAYS, ALWAYS ON SALE!

Okay, I added that last part.
Well this will just SKYROCKET my acting career.

also, ..."perferably somewhere with a barn?" Hot dogs = latent barn longings?

I'm living in a hotel downtown now. Very, very city. I have been living in a hotel for 3 weeks. We hope we have a week left. Our pipes burst and ruined our wood floor, so we're here on the insurance company's dime, on the 17th floor of a hotel so chic that the toilet is separated from the bed by only a glass panel. Clear glass.

My ultimate dream is to move to the Pacific Northwest, near Brandon's family, and build up enough of a voiceover clientele that I can use my home studio and essentially have a recording session with a room full of creatives anywhere in the country. And thereby still make my living acting. And, dammit, fine, yes, LIVE IN THE COUNTRY.

I mean, I think this must be everyone's dream. Right? Other actors?

I could be working harder at it. There are more exercises and drills I could be doing. I may have realized something important today. Maybe I should be living in
The country
or at least start working a little harder on v.o. to make that distant dream more realistic.

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