$5 fortune

I was prepared to pay this woman $10, although she charged $5 for a palm or tarot reading.

Here is what I learned.

I'll come into money and property.

My answer to my question about what to do about my mother and grandmother is: try to put your family back the way it was. Just make phone calls.

My answer to my question about how to be there for my sister is: she is sick? no? she is sick and hasn't told you yet. Your relationship will be good soon.

I'll have 2 kids.

I'll finally find a good relationship. Oh. You're married? Oh. Your marriage will finally improve and your husband will stop holding back and open up to you.

I'm a good person but I bring negative energy on myself.

I'll get a lot of money soon and some property. Maybe a condo.

I paid $5 and compared my results to my friends', who, hold on to your hat, will also be coming into money soon, have 2 kids, and whose husbands will soon stop holding back.

I *do* believe there are good psychics out there. I also believe there are people who are not at all psychic, but are exceptionally skilled at reading people in very subtle ways. I know all about this. I saw a 20/20 episode on it once when I was in junior high and it made a HUGE impact.

Anyway, fuck all y'all, I'm sitting back and waiting for my money and condo.
I mean another condo. Not this one that I already have.

Or maybe my two kids.
Who are, by the way, going to improve my relationship with my mom in six months. Yessssssssssss. Next blog: alifetimeofmylifeTOTALLYRULES.blogspot.

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