being pathetic is a way of life

Dear Fancy Multi-Million Dollar theater company:

Sooooooo hey! I just did your show. I thought I was pretty a-ok in your show. I felt good about it, and I don't always feel good, believe me. You seemed like you liked me a lot. Everything was going so well. So, um... why won't you ask me to audition for any of your shows for ALL OF NEXT YEAR?

I mean. You hurt me, Fancy MultiMillion Dollar Theater Company. You wound me. You called in other people from my show but not me. I don't get it.

Yeah. You know what? You aren't so great. Sellout. Commercial sellout with your subscriber base and international reputation. Whatever.

I remember when you did this to me before. I was in your show then you didn't call me for a year. Then you called and you were all, ooh, now we want you to play this great role in this great play. WHAT IS IT WITH YOU!?!?

I so don't need this.

I could do any of those roles, I swear, except maybe the one where I would need to be Middle Eastern and an alto.

Call me?

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