brilliance from an unlikely source.

I don't remember what Hollywood Ball of Lithe Hotness it was. Maybe Eva Longoria. But she was saying how she was flattered to be America's #1 Hottest Lady According to Men's Fitness US Weekly People Digest ... I don't know. Hot Lady Is Declared Hot, front page news.

BUT. Here it is.
She said she was flattered, but that she couldn't base any of her self-worth on it, because next time it would be some other Hollywood Ball of Lithe Hotness, and then what would that do to her self esteem?

I'm so excited to be doing a show at the Steppenwolf. Even if it is the garage space. Even if it isn't technically produced by Steppenwolf. But in 2 months, I won't be doing a show there. And I can already tell you waht that threatens to do to my self-esteem.

It's a smart recalibration. Find other, more lasting things to feel good about yourself about (about about).
Thanks Hot Lady.

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