empty desks

I couldn't take a picture because it would have been tacky.

[thanks, random co-flickr user for this picture of an empty desk. Also please do not sue me. I'm poor and I assure you it wouldn't be worth it.]

I went in to do some freelance voice work at a company where I used to work.

Me: So how are things going?
Friend At Company: Oh... you know... a little weird today. There's THAT. Today.

And he looks discreetly but meaningfully at the empty desk.
Which meant nothing to me. Desk assignments there are fluid and there's always more desks than people.

So because I am so very quick on the uptake, Friend At Company silently scrolled through his IM chat from earlier in the day, then highlighted, "so what's going on with this meeting and [Name of Poor Mofo Here].?" Followed by "no idea - do you know" and other grim speculations until I very brightly said OH! then looked at the desk again with all the subtlety of Sweetums.


well shit.
ain't no job security nowhere.
so I may as well be job insecure doing what I like.

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