I'm on a friend's blog. Here's how he introduces me:
Lacy, a former co-worker who is now making a go at being a full time actor, has been in the office lately doing some voice-over work.

1. yes I am perhaps a little drunkblogging.

2. I do a lot of dissing on myself. Wait. No one says dissing anymore. I QUESTION MYSELF A LOT. I am hard on myself. BUT LISTEN.

3. I have never held a full time non-acting job since college. And I quit freelancing outside of acting and writing in 2005. And haven't had to go back since.

4. Because I am a full time actor. Bitches.

I'm an obnoxiously insecure and probably not a terribly successful full time actor, but dammit, I am one. I am not MAKING A GO AT IT. I make a go at doing a single pull-up. I am GOING this shit. DOING GOING IT.

And after even the worst auditions, that makes me proud and keeps me from quitting.

6. MAYBE I DID HAVE a really rough final dress tonight, and we'll have our first paying audience tomorrow [vomits on self] THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT OKAY!? The beauty of it is that I can sleep in tomorrow, spend a few hours at a coffee shop with my script, work out, then show up to an 8-hour rehearsal because, if you will please refer back to Item 4;
4. Because I am a full time actor. Bitches.


Alex said...

You ARE "doing going it". But the thing of it is, to everyone else, there is still a semblance of this ACTING THING being a cute thing that you do.

I think it is out of jealousy.

How many people that work in Accounts payble live and breathe for accounts payable? NONE! How many would have stayed up nights for weeks at a time for the chance to do accounts payable for free on the off chance that some one saw them doing accounts payable and wanted to maybe offer them a chance to do accounts payable and pay them a stipend at the end of 3 months. None.

You've got it, dude.

Game on.

Rock that shit tomorrow.

Doing going it.

rebar said...

Standing. Applauding.

They'll never get it, Lacy.
No reason to try to explain it to them, because they'll never get it.

I'm not a full-time anything.

Still, I learned long ago that trying to explain why anyone would spend any time working on any type of artistic endevour, be it once a year or every day of your life?

Much like hitting yourself in the head with a brick, it only pains yourself and they still don't get why you're doing it.

Those who get it, get it.
Don't waste one iota of time/energy railing at ther rest.

Just keep on keepin' on, lady.
You're doing just fine.

Lizzy said...

I've been following you for a couple of years now, and from a stranger's perspective YOU'RE DOING IT. And well.

Anonymous said...

Drunk on a Tuesday night -- I wish I was "doing it" too...