I apologize to throw the ball and do other things.

Cubs Carlos Zambrano

“I apologize to him. Like I say, after he kicked me out, I should have gone to the clubhouse and kept watching the game,” Zambrano said. “I apologize to throw the ball and do other things."

Oh Carlos Zambrano.
You big inconsistent fiery Latino teddy bear.

After Zambrano got ejected from the game via enormous, unmistakable "YEROUTTAHEEEERE!!!!" umpire gesture, Zambrano did it right back to the ump to throw HIM out of the game.

That doesn't work.
But I like that he tried. I like that somewhere in his brain he could throw the ump out for throwing him out.

I hope that was not among the other things he apologized to.


td said...

You gotta hand it to the ump. When Z gets going like that the range of crazy shit that could possibly happen is pretty broad and the guy held it together pretty well. I might've cried.

Lacy said...

except. I watched that game and I think the call was way wrong. Also for once Z wasn't entirely at fault; he was gesticulating and the ump actually walked INTO his hand, then nailed him for hitting him.

He's a hothead, but he did get the short end of the stick on this one.

I missed putting this in my post, but I hope other people find my spanish as endearing as I find Zambrano's english.

David D. said...

Throwing the Ump out does seem a sort of admirable bit of magical thinking.

To try to apply it, the next time I'm on hold for something, and I get the call to tell me that I am released, my response will be, "No! You tell 'em THEY'RE released!"