me and tom hanks

Apparently my long-awaited k-y commercial is running.

From my facebook wall:

Hey, you were just on TV. Guess you're going to be getting that a lot, but it's true. It was you, and then Tom Hanks within, like, 3 seconds.

If it happened to be Tom Hanks in a trailer for Angels & Demons, I claim that I win this match on all fronts.


DinaBear said...

Agreed. You totally win.

David D. said...


... But if it was Tom Hanks in an unexpected, ill-advised re-release of the woefully under appreciated satirical classic Joe Vs. The Volcano, then he would have you beat.

Lacy said...

Dave, SO true. And I would be honored to lose to it. I might even forfeit by claiming a brain cloud.

Evan said...

I'm tempted not to tell you what I was watching since the mystery seems more exciting, but I will anyway.

After your commercial, "Catch Me if You Can" resumed.

David D. said...

Lacy gets extra credit for that brain cloud reference.