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Years and years ago I happened to read a random review in the Tribune about a play. That review was SO MEAN.
Let me be specific.
Not mean about the play. Really mean about the lead actress. Beyond the purposes of theater criticism. Vindictive. It had an agenda. And that agenda read like this:
The play is flawed in many ways, but its greatest failure is that THIS ACTRESS DRAGGED DOWN THE ENTIRE PLAY, WHY DID THEY EVER USE HER SHE'S HORRIBLE.
I was new to the whole game, but remember thinking, what exactly are you trying to accomplish, Theater Reviewer? Disagreeing with -even hating- a performance/interpretation is one thing, especially if it doesn't serve the play, etc etc. This was just abuse.

So I tried to find this review to show you what I'm so afraid of and I learned two things.
the ill-used actress in question is actually in my current show. And she's amazing.

that article doesn't exist on the web anymore. Believe me. I looked. I REALLY wanted to prove my point to you about how awful it could potentially be when we open this show on Sunday and I drag down the entire production. I could purchase the archive, but it's no longer floating in the massive Antarctica-sized google lagoon.
#2a: ...Lagooglen.

#2b: Lagooglegoon. Lagoongle. Galoogle
#Grand Conclusion:
That stuff really does fade away.

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