now & later

I like to be happy for my cousins. When they're doing well, getting big auditions, in big and very good shows, etc., etc.
I do NOT like to feel jealous.
When I'm doing well, it is way easier for me to be happy for them.
When I don't get cast in any shows and feel really insecure, I start to get jealous.

I think a lot of actors feel this way. As my cousin Melissa said:
...it's just that we all want to work. We don't begrudge the OTHER person the work, we just want it too.

It's true.

This year has been really good to me, for me. I've been consistently employed in Equity shows for 5 months straight now. That's CRAZYTOWN. I love it. And I love hearing about good fortune and big opportunities for my cousins and feeling truly happy and excited for them.
I hope this doesn't go away when this string of contracts dries up and I'm unemployed and feeling untalented again.

That's all.

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