review quote alert

Well, critic #1 didn't like the play.
Not the PRODUCTION, but the actual script, the book, the story, the play.
He didn't have much to say about any of the performances, but he seemed to regard my character much the same way I generally regard Tori Amos.
It's never ideal when so much time is spent on a central character's legitimate pain that the audience starts wanting her to get over herself and her miserable lot in life, just so those parts of the play will end.
There's an ongoing joke (? common knowledge?) that this particular critic was IN LOOOOVE with Wicked, like, embarrassingly in love, FRONT PAGE NEWS! WICKED cast likes Lou Malnati's pizza! ME TOO!!!! - and that the guy in general drools over huge megabudget musicals.
Not that that surfaced in this review ...
But one useful lesson that "The Walls" could take from the new Broadway musical "Next to Normal" ...

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