Friend's status update:

I keep checking facebook obsessively. Numb. But thank God I have this solid support. Thank you, thank you.

Thursday morning her fiance died. Traffic accident. He was on a scooter. She was at my birthday party. She was telling me how excited she was to have mariachis at her wedding.

People can die any way, suddenly and tragically. A great Chicago actor died yesterday of pancreatic cancer that came on suddenly.


Yesterday we went to our friends' for a barbecue. We followed our friend into the backyard to the grills set up by a red scooter.

Me: Whose scooter?
Friend: Oh, that's [girlfriend]'s.

Brandon and I looked at each other really hard and didn't say anything. It's a party.


David D. said...

That's terrible. Sorry to hear it.

Lizzy said...

Horrible. My husband rides a scooter. I might have to out a moratorium on it.

So so sorry for your friend.

capt. stupendous said...

I think the point here is the omnipresence and hair-trigger possibility of death - and how rife with coincidence our lives can be... not that there's some inherent danger to scooters. Sadly, people die riding bicycles, walking down the street, skiing, jumping rope, having sex - I'm not prepared to put a moratorium on any of those.