I am not a dumb woman, but if anyone ever tested my intelligence using my ability to remember how to load packing tape into a packing tape dispenser as a gauge for intellectual capacity,

I would not do so well.

And let's not kid ourselves. The days when packing tape dispensers replace standardized tests aren't far off.

I would like to mention that I avoided severing a thumb.



living alone

My cousin Rebecca is moving to North Carolina. She'll be living by herself for the first time ever.
I love Brandon and I love living with Brandon, but damn, living alone is so awesome.

Tonight I have the night free and the house to myself for the first time in forever.

I'd blog more, but honestly, I'm a little busy watching The A-Team on tv and shaving my legs.

PS, Tia Carrere was on The A-Team?
PSS, Tia Carrere was on The A Team AND Quantum Leap? Damn!

I like where this is going

Dear N.Y.C. cosmetics company,
Although I am only qualified for 1 and 3, I heartily support ALL these lipstick shade names.
Your Friend,


vacation for life

Morning coffee in the villa.

When I was in 8th grade my mom and I went to Cancun.
We hired a middle-aged man from Buffalo as a guide to take us to see some Mayan ruins.

He said that one day he just finally decided enough was enough, that he wanted to be in Mexico, so why not just move to Mexico? And that was about 8 years ago.

Mom agreed and said yeah, she was so happy in the tropics, she should just move there, and went on for a while, and when she was finally finished, the man from Buffalo said, "yeah. A lot of people say that, but only some people actually do it."

He had sure earned the right to say it. I just knew that in equation of that conversation, I wanted to be that guy.

We've spent a decent amount of time in Latin America. We get what we're doing and my fluency gets better each time.
Which is to say, I sound less like a cross between a busboy and a textbook and more like an actual person.

What would it take to try living there?
I guess hitting a point where we didn't love living here.

still. we walked around in the little town we stayed in, past the posadas into the neighborhoods and the park by the church and strolled around with the families and kids and teenagers, everyone wishing everyone a good evening, and it felt very nice.

much like parrots, waterfalls and myriad frozen treats ...it's natural.


my life as translated by facebook ads

Oh, this just cracks me up.

This is what performing arts looks like.
An ad on the side menu of my facebook page.

Performing Arts Residency

Some day I'll stage a play where everyone in the show carries around skulls at eye level and ONLY speaks to the skulls. Their own or the ones in other actors' hands.


just show up and be a body

Bad things come in threes, okay, I'll believe it, but lately it seems that they're coming in dozens. Close friends of friends and friends. Suicides and accidents and disease and divorces. I went to a memorial last night and looked at the iPhoto slideshow of the deceased.
His name was Stevhan.
He was an amazing cook. Among other things, but I had to pick one. He made me coconut rice and black beans once. It was so damn good.

Here's a conversation I never had with him, but a friend did and told us about it last night, and I think it's great.

They were at a friend's father's funeral back in the small town where they grew up. The father had died unexpectedly. It was rough. Neither guy knew the father very well - they were there for their friend. They ran into each other outside.
(after the mutual "well this sucks, what the F" exchanges)
Stevhan: Sometimes you just gotta show up and be a body, you know? (long pause) Hey, wanna see a picture of Cambodia at this place where you can go shoot water buffaloes?
(I have to mention that he did not harm any water buffalo. He just took photos of this place)

Here is a water buffalo.

This is a little scattered.

Bodies don't have to know what to say, they can just show up and that's enough. Fill the church or the bar or the house. Take up some of that awful empty space.