my life as translated by facebook ads

Oh, this just cracks me up.

This is what performing arts looks like.
An ad on the side menu of my facebook page.

Performing Arts Residency

Some day I'll stage a play where everyone in the show carries around skulls at eye level and ONLY speaks to the skulls. Their own or the ones in other actors' hands.


Rachel Wilson said...

Do it! Do it!!!

nora said...

My facebook ads always ask questions: Single? Overweight? How's your credit score? *sigh.

I've spend this rainy evening catching up on blog reading - between you and Arnie and Elizabeth McQuern (who I know in real life) and feel like I could show up in Chicago and track you guys down at a show. That sounded kinda creepy, sorry.

Now I've got to catch up on my writing gigs..and I need to catch up on my blog.

Jeremy said...

My show is going to have everyone standing in unison, wearing sparkly jackets with black tights and making jazz hands. In the back, there will either be a staircase or a flag. Just that, for FOUR HOURS. Then a tear-stained woman will stand up in the most standingest way possible and hold her chin up and be alone, singing. That will be the second act.

Also, there may be a noose, but it will be ironic.