vacation for life

Morning coffee in the villa.

When I was in 8th grade my mom and I went to Cancun.
We hired a middle-aged man from Buffalo as a guide to take us to see some Mayan ruins.

He said that one day he just finally decided enough was enough, that he wanted to be in Mexico, so why not just move to Mexico? And that was about 8 years ago.

Mom agreed and said yeah, she was so happy in the tropics, she should just move there, and went on for a while, and when she was finally finished, the man from Buffalo said, "yeah. A lot of people say that, but only some people actually do it."

He had sure earned the right to say it. I just knew that in equation of that conversation, I wanted to be that guy.

We've spent a decent amount of time in Latin America. We get what we're doing and my fluency gets better each time.
Which is to say, I sound less like a cross between a busboy and a textbook and more like an actual person.

What would it take to try living there?
I guess hitting a point where we didn't love living here.

still. we walked around in the little town we stayed in, past the posadas into the neighborhoods and the park by the church and strolled around with the families and kids and teenagers, everyone wishing everyone a good evening, and it felt very nice.

much like parrots, waterfalls and myriad frozen treats ...it's natural.

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