Every summer, Chicago opens up an abandoned sanatorium on the lakefront and invites 8 plays from the past season to each come perform there for a week. It's sort of a festival. Perhaps a best-of kind of deal. Out of all the plays produced in a year in Chicago, it's kind of a big deal to be asked.

My theater company has been there three times now (smug look here).

It's sort of like going to theater camp...

Sign in the dressing room:

HAUNTED theater camp.

Originally built as a sanatorium, it was used in the 1920s as a convalescent home for children with tuberculosis and various other maladies that could ostensibly be cured by the fresh air off of Lake Michigan.

I've never been able to find any authoritative documents on it, but apparently there were several deaths.

The place is undeniably spooky and a lot of people report hearing, seeing, and feeling things that shouldn't be there. On this staircase in particular.

Spooky theater camp!


Ridiculous theatrical Camp!


Urraca said...

Us gays have a lot of potential for camp. I will bring my camp meter tomorrow when I see the show.

-Uncle Camp

Claff said...

Oh my GOD I did not know that about the sanatorium.

That is AWESOME.

I really love performing there despite the blazing heat. Remind me to someday tell you about the Neos' post-TOTL collective breakdown one unbearable July. We had to go straight from there to the 'Futuriarium to perform the late-night show. Sweat. Exhaustion. Baby powder. Nakedness. It's all in there.