i'm trying to try to get a job and it makes me cranky

There was a listing for a writer on Craigslist that I'm qualified for. Maybe. This means about 7,000 other people will also consider themselves qualified. And by 7,000 other people, I mean 14,000. I'm determined to apply for this sonofabitch, but the resume-writing part FREAKING PARALYZES ME.

Other news.
I'm "first choice" in this ridiculous commercial I auditioned for yesterday, called back for today. My agent wasn't supposed to tell me I was first choice, but she did anyway just to see if that could nudge me into blowing off my Monday night show just in case the shoot runs late.

"Can you get out of it?"

Dudes. You can't "get out of" a live performance. You can't call the audience, tech staff and box office and merchandise and ask everyone if we can all just reschedule for Tuesday. You can't call up a girlfriend and see if they'll do your show for you.
Although. Tim saw it last week.
Tim, jump in for me so I can star in a waffle ad?

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td said...

I didn't see this one in time to jump in. You should know that if I were to go on for you I would insist on wearing the wig Matt wears as the motorcycle salesman in every sketch or its a no-go. On the other hand do not sweat the folks at Stewart. They get over being told "no". Hope your waffle gig went well.