moral goals. Small ones. That don't make sense, really.

If my goal is to be more like my grandfather, who was the best human being I've ever known, then I figured I should start identifying the things that made me love and admire him so much. Maybe that will be a little more attainable than just saying "I should be more like that guy."

mini-altar in my office.

He lived way out in the country. Strays would come through pretty frequently. The dogs would get attached to him and follow him around, the cats would have a litter of kittens, then move on. Sometimes an animal would show up seasonally - three springs in a row or something like that.

When he died we found cans of cat food and dog food that he just kept around for anyone who would show up.

Goshdamn. I still miss him so damn much. I can't write about him without getting choked up. I wish you knew him. I wish everyone knew him. I wish I were more like him. I wish I knew how to do a practical city equivalent of keeping cans of dog food for strays.


Alex said...

Sandwiches for those guys sitting under bridges/overpasses? Or granola bars in the glove box for people begging at intersections?

td said...

I think you're doing it already