things to do instead of go running: post to blog

more things to do:
harass the cat.
take pictures of yourself in your new t shirt.
with sunglasses.

I'm usually not one for obscure t shirts, but I gotta tell you, I'm pretty excited about this one.
The Hypocrites production of Oedipus just closed, which means you can't see it just now, but I really loved it. Exceptionally loved it. I loved a production of freaking Oedipus. I know, right?

In this production we meet Oedipus, king and thwarter of the Sphinx (hellbitch), wearing a nice suit. Throughout the play as he falls apart, he loses jacket, then tie, then dress shirt, and you see this, his undershirt.

This can only mean that Thebes was so grateful to Oedipus when he first showed up that they not only married him off to their queen BUT they also gave him this awesome t shirt. And he totally loves it. Now I do too.

May the similarities all end there.

p.s. At least one drunk old man has congratulated me on solving the riddle of the hellbitch so far.

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