You can't not cast me!!!! I REMOVE MYSELF FROM YOUR CASTING POOL!!!!

12 pages for the original audition + 20 pages for the callback = 32 pages of sides to learn = after all that, no role for Lacy.

here's the thing.
this is very risky to say. Because inevitably this is going to come back to me. But I think it's worth talking about.
I didn't actually like the script.

Look. I am not a flawless judge of script. BY A LONG SHOT. I have bad initial judgment. I'm the first to admit it.

But nevertheless... I learned those damn 32 pages and I worked on them, and I was genuinely sad when I didn't get the part.
In a play I didn't like.
For $50 a week.
Not for the money.
Not for the fame.
Not even for particular artistic fulfillment.

Can someone tell me why the hell I did that?

Sometimes I wonder if theater is just a series of arbitrary goals I set for myself.
Maybe I should set some more productive goals. Like things to actually help other people.

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