The Chicago Public Library is very helpful when you want to learn other languages.

Conversations I will soon be able to have in Lao.

Man, Kham really wants to see Chit's father. I wonder what's going on?

Technically they're "language exercises," but I think I've stumbled upon a fascinating Lao soap opera.

I bet you'll rent it out ... TO KHAM and CHIT'S DAD!


(this post is a very good exercise in how something that seems SO DAMN FUNNY at 2am when you can't sleep and you're trying to learn Lao is actually ... not really terribly funny the next day.)


juliz1106 said...

oh, I disagree. It's only 1 am, I found it very, very funny.

maryquitecontrary said...

I also beg to differ. Especially at 5pm after a day trying to teach some German (i.e. mostly Turkish) Ghetto kids English. Wow, wonder how it turns out between Kham and that dad. And will B find a tenant? I'm holding my breath...