I emailed my friend that I am on an artistic renaissance lately. I haven't felt one for a long time and now I feel it coming. The last time I felt one, I was still acting but I started publicly showing my art and I made a silly invention-toy that actually sold in stores. Okay, one store. It was a magnetic playwriting kit. Twenty-five pieces that said:
and twenty-five that said:
Then dozens and dozens of mix-and-match assorted ones that said things like
never thought you
hate the
Do you
most want to
shoot a homeless man
love you
and so on and so on. One store: the one theater book store. Which went out of business. But I made it and people bought it!

I think these things are like waves, in that you have to catch them. People I love and admire are reaching similar places where they want to work with me and I want to work with them. I'm opening my store on etsy and selling crafts on ebay. I don't feel bad for not coming up with all my best ideas when I was 23. I'm trying to be open to messages of encouragement from the universe. Like this one that my cousin Elizabeth sent out, which is a lovely blog post by a far better blogger than me.

This isn't my best post, but there's a secret to getting your work out first and then judging it later.

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