Oh dear. Well THIS is awkward.

One of those things that happens all the time:

You audition for a show.
You don't get cast in this show.
You do your best to forget about the rejection, which is the only way to survive being an actor.

Then some time passes.

Then the show opens and because you're on their stupid email list, you get the email saying

Maybe it's a fancy mailing that comes in the mail with beautiful photographs, which hurts a little more because it's so fancy. You wish you were in fancy show. Too bad you weren't good enough.
MAYBE it's a fancy mailing FEATURING a gorgeous photo of the character you auditioned for, which really makes you feel like a schmuck, because that could have been YOUR face, except you suck and that's why you didn't get the job.

I don't like getting those mailings.
It's like seeing an ex-boyfriend (who dumped YOU, by the way, let's be very clear about that) and him inviting you to meet his new girlfriend, who is SO GREAT and they're REALLY EXCITED about this GREAT RELATIONSHIP they're opening, I mean THE BUZZ IS REALLY GOOD.

Part of me wants my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend to be really happy together. I want to take the high road. I do. This is usually my very natural reaction if I have friends in the show.

But part of me wants that relationship to crash and burn, bitches, and see those awful reviews so I can tell my supportive girlfriends that phew, what a trainwreck, I'm glad I dodged THAT bullet.


Harriet said...

This is meant in a misery-loves-company way, and not in a form of one-upmanship:

Girl has internship on TV show. Girl kills self doing amazing job @ internship. Girl is interviewed for, and lands, unbelievably amazing job as writers' assistant on show's next season. Several months later, girl discovers that her boss likes -- yes, *likes* -- another, cuter, assistant more. Assistant takes girl's job, girl is fired.

No, wait. There's more.

Four months later, Assistant is allowed to co-write an episode with her boss, thus making in two weeks more money that girl or Assistant made in previous year.

No, wait. There's more.

Three months after that, Assistant is promoted to Writer, now making more money in a week than girl or Assistant made in a month (in previous jobs.)

No.... wait.

Assistant-Now-Writer is NOMINATED FOR A FUCKING EMMY for the episode she cowrote with her boss.

Girl is invited to nice Emmy party this year and plans to attend with her new coworkers. She's very happy and tries to focus on the positive.


Assistant-Now-Writer is going to the FUCKING EMMYS. And MIGHT EVEN WIN.

Again, not trying to be competitive. I guess I'm saying: I'm feeling you.

P.S. I found your blog through some Jellyvision peeps I used to work with, so I'm pretty much a complete stranger to you, but I do really enjoy your blog, and it gives me comfort in my own quest for a successful artistic career.

Jeremy said...

Hi "Harriet"! And who needs an Emmy when you've got a Peabody?

Why didn't you tell me you'd created a blog just to complain about "Revenge of the Sith"? People need to know these things.

Jeremy said...

Also, envy makes the world go round and keeps the fires hot. "If I had 'em, I'd be king."

Don't burn it all out in the blog, that's what I say.

Lacy said...

Harriet: Gross. That blows.

(appropriate pause for compassion)

...but thanks for reading my blog! I'm really flattered that you do!