Inspired by my cousin Nora and her undying love for the Indiana State Fair, I went to the North Texas State Fair over the weekend.

The mutton busting event was definitely the highlight (can you even see this? I'm experimenting with facebook video hosting)

Rodeo Announcer:
My God, I love this country, where you can't spank your kid at Wal-Mart, but you can strap 'em on top of a sheep and run 'em into a steel fence.

BUT after that, I sneaked off to eat my first funnel cake in well over a decade and watch the youth livestock judging. Lots of goats. Nerves. From the goats and the roper kids.
I have no idea how you judge a goat, but I sure know how the girl in the middle feels.

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nora said...

Thanks Lacy!
I'm behind on blog reading and writing (damn facebook!). I love your video - I need to learn how to do that. And it made me wish the Indiana State Fair had something like the sheep run!