let's revisit the bright side of size 12

So I kept going to my dance classes.
And I had Super Gay Latino Teacher again, who loves my hips.
Except in this class I could not do anything right. It was the Frustration Bachata, danced by Awkward Overgrown White Girl #4. And I begin to realize that I'm actually not. so great.

I talked to my teacher after class.
Mind you. This was his opportunity for him to tell me that I'm JUST WAY AHEAD of the rest of the class, and he was only correcting me because I'm on the THRESHOLD of dance perfection.
But instead, much to my horror, he suggested I take ballet.

Ballet. Ballet that makes you stiff, that discourages natural movement, that makes me think of a screaming petite Russian cougars who hiss at you. That makes me think of the line of girls in the mirror, queued up so you can clearly pick out the chunky graceless one. Ballet.

Ballet. That teaches grace, control, and beautiful lengthening posture. In short, all the things I want.
Me: I'm going to a ballet class in the morning.
Brandon: Good job, honey.
Me: Are they going to yell at me in Russian and tell me I'm fat?
Brandon: Probably not.
Me: But can you be sure?
I'm going with my cousin Sarah, who has been going for years and loves it. She told me what to wear.
I tried on my ballet class getup and I already hate ballet even more.


Alex said...

Where are you taking dance classes? I am thinking of starting on Sept 14th at Lou Conte and am equally terrified. TERRIFIED.

Please keep us posted as to whether or not this was a good idea......

Corrbette said...

I was never good at it, but I know you can do this. Hell, fake it if you have to - you'll be awesome.

I loved modern and tap, though. Please tell me how this goes. I've considered going back...you know...on days when I hate myself.

Corrbette said...

And by "You'll be awesome," I don't mean "at faking it." I mean "at REALing it." You heard me.