oh dear.

Well, I went to ballet class and despite 3 episodes of welling up dangerously, I managed to only burst into tears AFTER the class. Hopefully the teacher just thought I had a strong allergy attack when she announced that we would go in pairs to show the pas te bon de tande fleur de passe lis to the rest of the class.

That class was too advanced for me, friends. That was 90 solid minutes of not knowing what the fuck I was doing, along with 12 other people who did. And who had fancy outfits for it, too.

I did not like that one little bit.

But lately I'm really focused on perseverance.
And my Spanish-speaking pen pals are pretty exciting. My favorite is Gabriela from Argentina. She sent me the link to her Alanis Morissette tribute band.

Do you want to see the Argentinian Alanis tribute band? Do you? WHY AM I EVEN ASKING. Of course you fucking do. Check it. (but watch out, sound is embedded) www.anissette.com.


Rachel Wilson said...

Tap class made me cry. Also after class -- but barely.

nora said...

Yoga makes me laugh until I cry. I'm so uncoordinated - and don't know my right from left. Ballet and tap would send me - and the teacher, I suspect over the edge!
Good for you for tackling it - and persevering!