weapon control

Anything seem out of place in this picture?

No, the lamps don't really MATCH, and the carpet definitely clashes but perhaps what you really notice is ... THE FUCKING RIFLE.

Pictured: one rifle that stays in my mom and stepdad's bedroom.

Not pictured: the rifle on the back porch.
the revolver in the console of my stepdad's pickup.
the gun my mother owns, has a permit to carry [concealed], but doesn't know how to shoot.

Not pictured but horrifying: her confusion as to whether the safety was on or not.

Not pictured but not troubling to me: the guns my stepfather uses to hunt, which are locked up in the gun safe in the closet in the spare bedroom.

I'm not against people owning guns. Hunting is necessary and, in many cases, beneficial to species to control their population in the absence of natural predators, blah blah blah soapbox blah. Like any activity, there are responsible and respectful ways to do it, and then there are idiotic ones. The idiotic ones make the splashier headlines and give the other ones a bad name. So it goes.

But I don't get why the guns are just lying around. This is new, this is strange, this feels dangerous and violent and uncontrolled.

So much happened over the weekend that I don't really know how to talk about it. I certainly don't know how to blog about it.

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