more ways to make money as an actor

Saturday night. Another unexplainable evening spent making $100 at a fancy private party.

My cousins Sarah and Laura work these things frequently as well. I mentioned I had one coming up.
Laura: What are you doing? Wait. Are you weird, or sexy?
It's true; you're always one or the other at these things.

In this one, I ceremoniously poured cold milk from a pewter pitcher on a young African-American dancer as he sat in a galvanized metal tub while goats brayed loudly in the background.
Also I was holding a toilet brush.

Not pictured and slightly to one side, Greg simulated giving birth to basketball-sized glowing orbs while Mia assisted.
Anthony: That's good Mia. Move slower though. Like an old lady from space.


Kate said...

I love the toilet plunger. Mmmmm.

td said...

That looks like a scene from Caligula