oh yeah, I guess I gotta buy it!

ABC's "The Bachelor," my classmate from 2nd grade on, Jake Pavelka's facebook page.

Facebook suggested I "reconnect" with him this morning. 

Apparently I am one of his 11 friends.
I had forgotten I WAS friends with him as I wrote status updates like this when the news broke:

Lacy         JAKE PAVELKA? I went to freaking GRADE SCHOOL with Jake. EVERY GRADE or something. damn. he got hot.

which led to comment threads like this with other former classmates

No effing way. THAT Jacob Pavelka? His dad worked on my teeth!
October 14 at 10:40pm ·

I guarantee you it is blowing my mind as well. But it's kind of funny that the entertainment press is blasting him for being so boring ... it's awful but I remember him BEING really boring! Even as a little kid!
October 14 at 10:43pm ·

I know. That was my first thought as well. Still don't think I'll be watching the bachelor, but it's still funny...
October 15 at 6:58am ·

However, as one of his ELEVEN friends, I guess I really should stand by the guy a little more.

I'm sorry Jake.  You were always a genuinely nice kid and I remember drawing that mural of Texan Independence with you in Mrs. Smith's class. 
As I recall, you drew some pretty good Comanche. 

Say, what does he look like now? I don't watch The Bachelor.

Yup, still looks the same! Sweet face, pointy chin...


(spit take)


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