sequel: success...y?

Someone else has to determine where this falls on the success-fail spectrum.

Well, you're shapely to be sure, but not necessarily voluptuos. Closer to svelte, I'd say. However, you are attractive in a way that might work for the the Movie Star. And I like you resume and so on.
I'll be back in touch soon.


Alex said...

Dear Lacy,

This. Blows. My. Mind.

To be sure.

and so on.

Unreal. Please keep us posted with the further adventures of French Canadian casting.

(French Canadian right?)

UN. REAL!!!!

joyofem said...

I also like you resume, also as well.

Larissa Z said...

Um...though you totally could be a Movie Star in Cirque du Soleil, are you sure this is really them? Or a VERRRY creative cyberstalker...we're talking three-R's very.