two shows

Shows I do with my company, Barrel of Monkeys, are created VERY quickly.  School shows adapted, staged, learned, prepared in 6 rehearsals.  For the public performances we have even less time: 3 hours on Sunday morning, then boom, the next night it's on its feet in front of an audience.

This is liberating and terrifying. 
The only way to succeed is just to succumb to the panic and live in it. 

I did two of those shows today.

Today was a pretty souped up day.  
Today had a lot of adrenaline. 
Today had some complete failures in front of audiences - props fell apart, lines got lost, cues didn't come so they had to be guessed and timing was funky.  Laugh lines got no laughs.

Today also had some complete awesome moments of joy and an extended bit about toe jam to an immensely receptive audience of kids who were so repulsed that they squealed with delight.
Toe jam. Gross.  I yelled at them, "oh, you think it's gross now, but just wait till you get older, you're gonna love it."
Today was big. Tomorrow will be good.

I blogged about the show on the Barrel of MOnkeys site: you can read my posts here and here, if you wanna.

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