well, this is ... success...y?

I got an email from Cirque du Soleil today asking me, yes me, specifically me, if I would be interested in auditioning.  Because then they would decide if THEY would be interested in my auditioning.  Currently they're only interested in whether or not I'm interested.
I tried this tactic with dating very early on; it never went well.

So I said oh sure, and sent the requested headshot and resume.

Hi and thanks for the pic and resume. Both are nice. Given the profiles we're seeking, culd also please send me a pic or two which is full body> DFoesn't have to be a good picture, just one that gives a better sense of your full body shape...
Things learned today:
1. I will forgive Cirque casting people any and all typos.
2. Cirque du Soleil wants to see my body. 

let me restate that.

to see

Things assumed today:
1. A photo is probably all that Cirque du Soleil will want to see of my body. 


Genevra said...

How strange! Brent is still touring with them, though his show will be ending soon. Their casting process (from my outside vantage point) has always seemed a bit chaotic and strange. ;) Hope it leads to something wonderful - whatever that may be!

DinaBear said...

Did you copy and paste that e-mail directly? The spelling errors and poor grammar alone send up red flags for me. It makes me wonder, is it really Cirque or some randy 45-year-old who still lives with his mother? Regardless, it kind of creeps me out.