It's for reals:
I have an audition for Cirque du Soleil.


The way I understand it, they start off with a lot of people in the morning, then cut them down as the day goes on. I figure I'll probably be home by lunch, if not a late-morning nap.  Nonetheless, I gotta swing for the fences (wherein "fences" = "6:00, when the day-long audition officially ends").

I have to prepare a 2-minute piece to sell myself to them.

Dread. Paralyzing. Dread.

My Argentinian pen pal, Gabriela, is teaching me lunfardo, which is Argentinian slang.  She wrote:
Aquí llamamos "cagazo" al miedo y "cagón" a quien tiene miedo.
I'm going to very loosely translate this as:
Here we call being scared a "shit attack" and "massive shitter" is the person who is scared.
This 2 minute piece is a serious shit attack, guys.
Oh man, how I love language.
Oh man, how the F do I come up with 2 minutes where I am strongly discouraged from using any of it?


Rachel Wilson said...

That is so exciting! You can do it lady! Maybe they will like to see your wooly mammoth.

Jeremy said...

So cool! I seriously love that style of performance. My favorite production of Midsummer Night's Dream was in USSR Georgian, and I didn't understand a word. But it rocked.

You will kill it. Brains are bigger than words.

DinaBear said...

I am super relieved those semi-creepy e-mails were actually legit! Yay! Break legs! You are going to be awesome!

sharon said...

Congrats! You have the awesome in you, just be magnetically intense the way you are and they will wisk you away to Quebec and teach you Eurasian Gibberish and hula hooping.
Don't show anybody your woolly mammoth until the third date.

nora said...

Wheeee! When is the audition?