Number 94 fell swiftly, friends.

from my cousin Genevra's blog:
One of my favorite quotes, which found me a few months ago, is based on a Japanese Proverb:

Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

Earlier today I was not so much ready to stand up again as I was ready to spend the rest of my life face-down on the fucking ground so I would never have to deal with the falling again.


td said...

This would be another one of those times when I wish I could say something offhand and pithy yet deep and resonant but all I got is, fuck....

Dean said...


sharon said...

If my keyboard had a Morgan Freeman Voice Over Key, I would hold that down now and type
*Get Up, Drink Glogg, Make More Art Tomorrow*
coming from him it just has more authority.
Love you and the things you make.

Lacy said...

Sharon, I'm going to make a blanket out of your comment and wrap myself in it.